As festive as the winter season can be if you live around Portland, it means you'll occasionally be faced with driving on snow-covered and icy roads. Because these conditions are dangerous, taking extra precautions is important to ensure your safety. One way to do so is by investing in winter tires. Here's all you need to know:

What Are Winter Tires?

Winter tires are designed to maintain better traction on Scarborough roads covered in snow and ice. They're made with rubber that is more flexible and has deeper tread than the average tire, which can be helpful for drivers in Saco because it allows your tires to grip the road better when it's covered with snow.

Regular tires don't handle snow and sleet as well as winter tires because their tread patterns are not designed the same. Winter tires have treads specifically designed to help keep their grip on the road and remain more flexible in colder weather.

How Are Winter Tires Different from All-Season Tires?

Many people believe that they don't need winter tires if they have all-season tires. Although all-season tires can be incredibly effective, weather in Windham often requires tires specifically designed for winter rather than those designed to be versatile in all seasons, conditions, and terrains.

When Should You Put on Winter Tires?

You should install your winter tires before winter weather hits. You should schedule your tire service appointment as soon as temperatures reach the low 40s in Yarmouth. It's important to keep in mind that winter tires are not only great for snow and ice, but they also perform well on cold, dry roads. Regular tires can harden and lose their grip when the weather gets cooler. Our mechanics can easily install your winter tires for you.

Order Your Genuine Subaru Tires Today

Winter tires are a great way to ensure your car is ready to hit the road during the winter months in Westbrook. If you're interested in investing in winter tires, visit Pape Subaru in South Portland to schedule an appointment today. Give us a call or order your genuine parts online. We hope to see you soon.

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