As winter approaches, it's important to make sure that your Subaru model is in the best shape possible to make sure that you have a safe and comfortable ride around Yarmouth. Staying on top of maintenance and repairs can ensure that your Subaru car is ready for the cold months ahead. Here are a few winter services that you should consider:

Change to Winter Tires

Unlike normal tires, winter tires are made of a rubber compound that provides better traction, braking, and smoother drive in snow and icy conditions. If you plan on driving around Scarborough during winter, investing in winter tires will ensure your and your passengers' safety. In addition to winter tires, changing the brake pads will ensure that your car is properly aligned. Thus your car can stop and steer safely during inclement weather.

Check Your Oil Levels and Fluids Regularly

You might be tempted to wait until your next scheduled oil change to check your oil levels, but that could be a mistake. The freezing winter months can put additional strain on your engine and can lead to low oil levels. Check your engine's oil level regularly throughout the winter months. Also, consider checking the levels of other fluids like antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid. We are happy to top off any fluids and change your oil with the recommended grade.

Change the Wiper Blades

Taking time to change your wiper blades is also important during winter. Regular wiper blades can become brittle in cold weather and might not be able to remove all the ice from your windshield. Investing in winter wiper blades will help you keep your vision clear when driving in inclement weather across Saco and beyond. While you're at it, make sure to check the condition of your headlights and taillights.

Schedule Your Service Appointment Today

Pape Subaru offers complete winter service packages to ensure your vehicle is ready for the cold months ahead. By preparing your car for winter, you can rest assured that you will be ready to hit snowy Westbrook roads this winter.

Contact our staff over the phone or online to schedule your appointment. We're also happy to answer questions. We hope to see you at our service center soon.

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