Does your Subaru need new parts this holiday season? Installing genuine OEM parts and accessories is the best way to protect your investment. Typically, after-market Subaru parts could be tempting since they go for a lower price. However, these after-market parts compromise your car's quality, performance, and longevity. Trust us at Pape Subaru to install original manufacturer-made parts for your Subaru around Portland, Maine. Here's why you should order OEM parts and accessories.

High Quality

OEM parts and accessories match the first-class quality of Subaru cars. OEM parts are designed with top-tier attention to detail and have reputable durability. Additionally, OEM parts are inspected to ensure they meet Subaru safety standards.

Great Vehicle Performance

You want to enjoy an ultimately unforgettable driving experience with your Subaru. However, after-market parts significantly dwindle your car's performance. OEM parts and accessories are built explicitly for Subaru models, and they will keep your car running excellently.

More Savings

Essentially, after-market parts go for a lower price tag in Portland, Maine. Consequently, you could be tempted to get these after-market parts, hoping to save thousands of dollars. However, low-quality off-brand parts could create more problems for your Subaru, so you lose money paying for recurrent repairs. Genuine OEM parts will permanently fix your vehicle's issues. While at it, it's best to have the OEM parts installed by our Subaru service technicians.

Easy to Select

Choosing car parts and accessories can be pretty challenging for a first-time Subaru owner. Shopping for manufacturer-made OEM parts is less stressful and takes less time. In addition, OEM Subaru parts fit perfectly and do not need customization.

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